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Penalty Minutes

Dundee Stars PIMs

The latest Special Teams stats are out from EIHL Stattos and, yet again, the Dundee Stars are the least penalised team in the League.

Despite Omar Pacha's 6 minutes (He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy) against Coventry on Sunday, the Stars have only taken 160 Penalty Minutes over 14 games so far this season . Compare that to the Giants who have racked up 437 over 16 games.

Under Marc Levebre, the Stars reduced their time in the box by a significant amount compared to previous seasons under Jeff Hutchins, Brent Hughes and Dan Ceman. The average Penalty Minutes per season before Marc was 1099. With Marc in charge, that was reduced to 664. Whether that is down to discipline, style of play or the players on the roster is up for debate but, whatever the reasons, there is no doubt it gives the team a better chance to win if the full lines are on the ice more than the competition.

Under Omar, the Stars look to be continuing the trend of low Penalty Minutes. Let's hope we see the rewards for this in the chase for 2 points each game.

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