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As is the norm after the weekly DoPS announcement, there is lots of fuss on social media. This time, however, it seems to be louder than usual - and for good reason.

I thought i'd have a look at the activity of DoPS this season and how it has affected the teams involved. You can interpret these in a number of ways, I just like to work things out.

As you can see from the table above, the Belfast Giants are the most penalised team in the League, in terms of DoPS bans, playing 7 games short benched as a result.

Here's a list of which teams have benefited from their opposition having players sit out due to a DoPS suspension and the win percentage of those games (played so far):-

Dundee Stars - 6 games - 50%

Braehead Clan - 4 games - 50%

Belfast Giants - 4 games - 100%

Edinburgh Capitals - 3 games - 50%

Fife Flyers - 2 games - 50%

Cardiff Devils - 2 games - 0%

Guildford Flames - 1 game - 100%

Coventry Blaze - 1 game - 100%

Nottingham Panthers - 1 game - 100%

Milton Keynes Lightning - 0 games

Sheffield Steelers - 0 games

Overall win percentage for teams who have "benefited" from a DoPs suspension is 60%.

I'm not suggesting that DoPS suspensions are responsible for any of these results - that would be mental. I just wonder about these things and start up a spreadsheet :-)

After today's suspensions, there are still 5 games to be played where a player would have played. It's probably only me who is interested in seeing how, if at all, those games affect the numbers. But I'm gonna work it out anyway.

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