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Dundee Stars Hattricks

Dundee Stars Hattricks Riley Stadel

Riley Stadel scored 3 goals in the Skydome last night (37, 44 and 64) to give the Stars a 3-2 OT win over the Blaze.

Not only was this the Stars' first win at the Skydome since March 2011, it was the first hat-trick the Stars have scored against the Blaze in their Elite League era.

The Stars have now scored a total of 31 Elite League hat-tricks since joining in 2010. The only team the Stars have not scored a hat-trick against is the Braehead Clan.

So far, there have been 23 players who have scored hat-tricks for the Stars with 8 of those scoring 2 in one season.

This season, 2 players have now scored 3 goals in one game - Jimmy Jensen vs the Flyers and now Riley Stadel vs the Blaze.

Here's hoping we don't have to wait too long to see another hatty for the Stars.

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